Book Endnotes

  1. It’s a known fact that the retreat is because of the effects of climate change. ^1
  2. It’s more than just breath ancient air, the bubbles gives us a lot of information about evolution of the ice and its history. ^2
  3. The documentary “Bending the arch” depicts this progress, from setting the organization to when he joined the World Bank Group as president.
  5. The original paper describing the business model and several potential areas for implementation was published in 2016, and available here Enric has also spoken about the concept on several Ted talks and interviews.
  6. The phrase, coined in 1994, refers to much more than profit and loss, to full cost accounting. ^6
  7. Bhutan is a small community with a strong national identity and union. This means that, despite long windy roads and times to connect across the country, communities are closely united. My experience was that everyone knew someone in the region or place you were asking about for the mapping exercise; or the knew exactly who to call. As way of reference, this is reflected e.g. on this interview about soccer ^7
  8. There are many reported cases of misuse of mosquito nets used for fishing, not only around the Malawi lake, but also other regions. This is a good summary of the situation, in 2016
  10. Famous last words, but as of end of 2022 at least 62% of the world is vaccinated, some countries with universal programs of several boosters to vulnerable population. At the same time more countries are classifying it as endemic and not imposing compulsory vaccination, social distancing or masks.
  11. There are multiple proposed explanations for how SARS-CoV-2 was introduced into, and evolved adaptations suited to, the human population. There is significant evidence and agreement that the most likely original viral reservoir for SARS-CoV-2 is horseshoe bats. In addition to direct spillover, another pathway, considered highly likely by scientists, is that of transmission through an intermediate host.
  13. This is an example of such a case where a single traditional funeral of a prominent individual directly infected 28 other people. It should be noted that the traditions of this location involved touching the corpse of the deceased person.
  14. It is still early to see the long-term effects of long lockdowns and isolation, but there are several sound hypothesis of the mechanism, and several studies underway.
  15. See article on the scurvy here, and references therein:
  16. The time of HIV/AIDS cases is a well-researched topic, with many nuisances and complexities, like the different types of HIV, the effect of public policies, the inter-relation with the socio-economic, cultural and political factors of each country. For this part I based my research in sources quoted on Wikipedia articles, this article about relation of gay sexual practices . the book “The Band Played on” and this article about possible sources of the USA being hit particularly hard and fast:
  17. Estimates for how many people received contaminated Factor VIII range substantially, and also across many countries. This also includes spreading of other diseases, like Hepatitis C. References to estimates and disputes around these cases can be found e.g. here:
  18. You can hear here the cut of when it happened:
  19. Francis, Donald P. “Deadly AIDS policy failure by the highest levels of the US government: A personal look back 30 years later for lessons to respond better to future epidemics.” Journal of Public Health Policy 33 (2012): 290-300.
  23. You can find some names here
  24. Google paid for “Deep Mind” $500 million. Google then reported a 40% saving in cooling costs. Bloomberg estimates an energy bill of ~4 million MWh, which yields potentially ~100M in annual savings. [Accessed on August 2020]
  25. In May 2017 Nature published a study on the detection of increasing CFC-11 with unknown origin. This is still research in progress and unknown if the source CFC is newly made or the leakage of stored appliances, but the findings are conclusive of an increased emission in the recent years that.
  26. For a more detailed view of the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol see e.g. this “New Scientist” article, accessed on May 2018
  27. The good news of reduced child mortality across the World is one of the key messages Dr. Hans Rossling became famous for. For more context-setting and the relation with education and development in general, his TED talk is a good pointer for more information: [ Accessed in May,2018 ]
  29. At the time of the acquisition, the so-called deep artificial intelligence applied on images was on its earliest stages. Today these features are much common. I learned about the backstory of Magic Pony and how it came to be from one of the VC funders, and was widely reported in 2016:
  30. See or the presentation of the work with Mark Pollock in this video
  31. and
  32. There are several reports on this “The Millennial Effect”, this report from Capgemini is one of them:
  34. “How to change the world” happens every year, and I met, and accessed the website, in 2018:
  36. While only 12% of the people in the world could read and write in 1820, today the share has reversed: only 14% of the world population, in 2016, remained illiterate.
  37. Many of the claim of this section are taken and individually references therein on this book: “Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story” by Kendall Haven”
  38. Visual behaviors, such as a shift in one’s gaze or a prolonged stare, can be diagnostic of internal thoughts. Cesana-Arlotti et al. used these measures to demonstrate that preverbal infants hold attention longer when their expectations, internal story, doesn’t meet what they see.
  40. The list of Goodwill ambassadors for e.g. UNICEF:
  41. “Effective Messages in Vaccine Promotion: A Randomized Trial”. Brendan Nyhan, Jason Reifler, Sean Richey and Gary L. Freed. Pediatrics. April 2014, 133 (4) e835-e842; DOI:
  42. ”A vivir la Ciencia” is a Spanish book written by Pere Estupinyá. He recalls and reflects the experience of being the host of one of science section at the radio sation with the most audience in Spain “A vivir”. The reference I make is on page 113.

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